Winter Golf

Winter Golf is a different game. PCC offers the best environment with covered carts and regular greens that have 3 holes pre-cut on every green. Once the greens are frozen you can’t damage the turf. With propane heaters that fit in the cup holders, the cart can get very toasty. With several layers of clothing, hand warmers, and a winter toke, winter golf can be enjoyable.
Wind chill can spoil the fun. If the temperature is freezing and the wind is 12 miles+, then I believe that it is too cold. With no wind, 25 degrees is comfortable.
The greatest challenge is playing the big bounces off frozen turf. Par 5 holes suddenly can be reached in 2. Short par 4s may be reached in a single shot. Errant shots can be drastic, so hitting the ball straight is critical. Approach shots must be played well short of the greens and low trajectory makes the shots manageable. Bump and run links style is the way to score.
The best winter golf is in Florida or Arizona, but if you are back home there are days that are just fine to play. Fore!

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