2019 Jim Tanner Caddy Classic “Score Your Age Contest”

The countdown begins to the Jim Tanner Caddy Classic as we celebrate the thirteenth year. We have raised over $100,000 and helped many deserving young scholars. This year we plan a few new challenges for our competitors. The format will continue to be one best ball of your foursome including gross and net prizes. The 5th with be closest to pin for all single digit handicaps and the 15th will be closest to the pin for handicaps of 10 or greater at 100%.
We will include an individual champion for gross and net for your score in relation to your age. The scoring for the net will be at 100%. So, if you shoot 80 and your handicap is 10 your score is 70 minus your age. If your age is 60 then your net score will be 10.
The example for the gross winner of closest to your age champion is shoot 85 minus your age of say 65, then your gross score would be 20.
As always, we welcome all members, former caddies and friends of PCC to celebrate Jim Tanner’s wonderful career at Pawtucket. My bet is on JT to win the “Score your Age Contest”.

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