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The 2017 winners of the JT Classic

The Jim Tanner Caddy Classic was played on Monday July 10, 2017 with perfect weather and 19 four player teams. The event raised over $10,000 for Scholarships for youngsters that are working at Pawtucket Country Club and attending college.

In the last eleven years, the tournament has raised over $80,000 and the tournament has become a favorite event for members and many of the ex-caddies that come back for the reunion. JT started working at the club when he was a boy and never left. Jim has been working at the club for over 65 years.

For many of the participants, caddying at Pawtucket Country Club was their first job.
We learned how to carry a couple golf bags, replacing divots, pulling pins from the golf cups and providing advice to our players when requested. Spending the summers around the links at Pawtucket Country Club back in the 1960s and 70s was a good way to make a few bucks and it was fun. We made lifelong friends and learned to love to play golf. JT was the gentleman that was always at the club. Jim was the caddy master. JT would assign the players bags to the caddies matching the best players with the class “A” caddies.

Younger caddies would start out shagging golf balls and caddying a single lighter bag for the women. In time, your knowledge of golf improved and you worked your way up to get the better players. Often times caddying was as much entertainment as it was work. We worked in the mornings and afternoons and often played in the evenings until dusk.

Remembering the summers of our youth with good friends from Pawtucket and honoring our friend JT makes the Jim Tanner Caddy Classic a special Monday every July.

The winners of the golf tournament this year were as follows:

Closest to the Pin #5 Mark Melikian
Closest to the Pin #15 Mike Caito
Long Drive #18 Paul Boghosian

3rd Net Team: 59 Mary Troy Marianne Lariviere
Jane Green Lisa Spencer

2nd Net Team: 58 Paul Chalmers Jim Riccardi
John Godinho Mike Caito

1st Net Team: 57 David Rampone Dan Rampone
Ken Richardson Bill Fischer

1st Gross Team: 63 Peter O’Neill Jr. Peter O’Neill Sr.
Mark Melikian Gary Taraian

The Teams for 2017

Team 1 Paul Rego                  Team 10 Rod Mackenzie
Mike Mulvey                                           John Sullivan
Joe Crisafi                                               Mal Thompson
Bill Hughes                                             Tom Orchel

Team 2 Leon Boghossian III              Team 11 Bruce Mackenzie
Paul Boghosian                                                     Mike Gore
Dr. Stephen Boghossian                                      Jim Fitzsimmons
TBA                                                                          Bob Welsh

Team 3 Dan Motta Sr.                           Team 12 John Markley
Dan Motta Jr.                                                          Chuck Karbowski
Bill Massey                                                               Dick Merseo
Jim Tanner                                                              Harry Mullin

Team 4 Peter O’Neill Jr.                         Team 13 Mike Halzel
Steve Napoli                                                              Tino Ciatto
Gary Taraian                                                             Arthur Bonafiglia
Mark Melikian                                                          Joe Scotti

Team 5 Tom Henderson                         Team 14 Mike Gelinas
Chris Howe                                                                Mike Whitehead
Joe Warczyka                                                            Scott Donahue
Marc Anderson                                                         Andrew Maziarz

Team 6 David Spencer                              Team 15 John Bedarian
Joe Green                                                                     Ben Bedarian
Ron Lariviere                                                               Bill Roberts
Peter Troy                                                                     Al Pelligrini

Team 7 Tony Faford                                      Team 16 John Winters
Ray Brothers                                                                   Earl Peacock
Al Degen                                                                          Russ Brennan
Jack Lund                                                                        Peter Adams

Team 8 Paul Chalmers                                   Team 17 Kevin Fortin
Jim Riccardi                                                                     Joe Videtta
John Godinho                                                                  Joe Gabriel
Mike Cato                                                                         Michael Videtta

Team 9 David Rampone                                Team 18 Mary Troy
Daniel Rampone                                                              Marianne Lariviere
Ken Richardson                                                               Jane Green
Bill Fischer                                                                        Lisa Spencer

Team 19
Steve Trowfield
Tim Treanor
Paul Sysak
Brian Moreau

Classic update as of Friday July 7, 2017

The Jim Tanner Caddy Classic will play the 11th annual Classic Golf Tournament on Monday July 10, 2017 with a 1:30 shotgun. Last year was a very special event with the celebration of Jim Tanner’s induction into the Rhode Island Golf Association’s Hall of Fame. A group at the club dedicated a clock (shown with JT) to honor Jim Tanner for his 6 decades of service to Pawtucket Country Club members and guests.
The tournament started 11 years ago with 24 players. That first year the ex-caddies raised $300 for the Burke Scholarship Fund. This year the Jim Tanner Scholarship will have raised over $80,000 since inception. The Burke Fund www.burkefund.com has provided over 100 scholarships to caddies and workers from Pawtucket Country Club. The Burke Fund was established in 1946 to assist young students that work at RIGA member clubs meet their academic goals.
JT has been serving the members at Pawtucket for over 65 years and he continues to greet everyone that comes to play. JT is a legend and the Caddy Master is forever linked with Pawtucket CC.
When our friends visit the course this year they will be welcomed by a newly designed bar and function rooms and a clubhouse that is spectacular. The tradition of a golf game at the great old course we grew up caddying continues at Pawtucket Country Club.
Many of the Rhode Island Golf Clubs throughout the state and nearby in southeastern Massachusetts have donated foursomes for auction. Courses that have contributed include Wannamoisett, Ledgemont, Kirkbrae, Crestwood, Alpine, Warwick, Newport, Agawam Hunt, Valley, Potowomut, Rhode Island, Carnegie Abbey, Laurel Lane, Triggs, New England and Segregansett.
The tournament committee including Paul Rego, Mike Mulvey, and Michael Gelinas have worked diligently to make the JT Classic a special event this year and continue to raise scholarship money for deserving students that work at Pawtucket Country Club