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Bob Rotella’s advice to Darren Clarke

“See it and putt it instead of trying to make a perfect stroke, instead of taking the perfect backswing or worrying about running it by.  Just putt with your eyes and instinct, and something called a putting stroke will happen.”


Kaley Paulo receives second annual Jim Tanner Scholarship

Kaley was nominated by Pawtucket CC. She graduated from Shea and is
entering URI this fall.

Links to the 2011 Jim Tanner Classic Videos

Jim Tanner Classic 2011 Video 1 of 2

Jim Tanner Classic 2011 Video 2 of 2

2011 Players and Foursomes

Link to all 2011 JT Classic Pictures

Jim Tanner Jr’s letter read at the 2011 luncheon

Jim Tanner Jr.  lives and works in Houston and could not join us this year.    Jim asked me to read the following letter at the 2011 luncheon:

I would like to start by thanking  JT’s caddy classic committee, as well as, the many honorable past and present members at PCC.

When asked about my childhood,  I am proud and quick to point out that I literally grew up on a golf course. I was 13 swimming in the pool one day when my dad stuck his head in, whistled and said get dressed. He downsized a bag and off I went. The only thing I remember is dragging this bag half of 17 and thanking God for the downhill on 18. I made my first $5.00 + a buck off the cart. I remember my dad stating you better spit shine those clubs because that will be the first thing they will notice.

It didn’t take long to figure out the hustle.   I would shag balls for Les Sr. in the morning then catch a loop.  I would work the parking lot to carry clubs in from the cars or back out to cars for a quick buck. My first summer caddying, I banked $658 dollars and became a proud owner of a Raleigh 3 speed bike with a leather seat and straight handlebars.

My father made a statement I remember to this day.   He said you need to understand there isn’t a guy who leaves his house at 6 in the morning and drives his Ford Maverick around looking to give you a break.  You need to work for it.

Over the years I worked the greens with Les Jr. and the O’Neill crew and a guy we called crazy Joe. Seemed like everyone back in the day had a nickname. We were told to watch out for Auntie Aime.   Out there Chris O’Neill would smile before charging off to scoop his ball from the fairway to the rough via the watering hose on the back of the truckster.

I caddied most of the time for the A-train and often times for Joe Roy.  Even when the chief hit shots in the woods or deep rough, he expected a good lie and a clear shot when he arrived to hit his next ball.  Losing a golf ball on Joe was a felony.

I remember that my friend and fellow caddie Lebeau and I were visiting the Pawtucket Police Station around mid day one summer. The Chief introduced me and my buddy to one of his deputies as a couple of flytraps that had lost way too many golf balls.  He told his deputy that we needed to be punished for our bad caddying and had us locked up while he went to lunch.  Very funny as I remember it now, but at the time, me and Libby were in a cell for close to an hour not knowing when we would be released.”

To sum up my dad and his career at PCC, he is a man who treated everyone with a tremendous amount of respect and in turn had earned the same. My dad has enjoyed every minute of fellowship and friendships he has grown so accustom to at PCC.

Thank you for recognizing my dad, JT, for his many years of service to the club.


Thank you! mark Monday July 2nd 2012 at 9AM for 6th Classic

Special Thanks for all our volunteers and contributors:

The women at the club that helped make registration easier and the 50/50 at the 15th a success (raised $410) were Jan Allen, Deedee Faford, Fran Gorman, Joan Keough, Pat MacIsaac, Meg O’Neill and Martha Parker.  Thank you for making the 5th Annual JT Classic a success!

Thanks to Uncle Benny Martin for the Classic Hats and the Burke Fund for the divot kits.  Thanks to Bill Durand for a dozen ESPN and Golf Channel shirts from Cox.  Thank you Dr Shannon for the tribute song to JT and your personal donation.  Thanks to Gary Reis,       Al Perriera, Frank Doheny, Navigant Credit Union, Ken Demers, Jay Glasson,  Dick Plociak, Jack Lund, Bill Harty, Ray Gorman,  Joe Capineri, Mike Pappas, Nick Matook, Mike Huber, Bob Savoie, Mike Schwartz, Anthony Palliota, Vic Alibrandi, Mike Huber, Luke Hyder, Jerry O’Halloran, Steve Sampson, Michael Schwartz, Peter Shank, Stan Abrams, Ken McNaught, Joe Sprague, Steve Napoli, David Spencer, David Rampone, and Michael Gelinas for personal contributions and foursomes from clubs.

Thanks to Alan Santamaria for videos, Matthew MacKenzie for pictures, and Bob Ferguson for running 50/50 at 15th.

Thanks to Mike Whitehead for a perfect golf course, Mike Gelinas for a well run tournament, and Gina Harrington for good food and service for our guests.   The staff for all 3 operations were outstanding and thank you.


Winners of 2011 Classic

Closet to pin #5  Roland Scheck

Closet to pin #7 Peter O’Neill Sr

Closet to pin #13 Charlie Moss

Closet to pin #15 Ben Tuthill

Long Drive #18     Ben Turhill

4th Net  58 Ed Emond, Gary Delude, Jack O’Brien, Tom Orchel

3rd Net  57 Leon Boghossian III, Ben Tuthill, Adam Hecht, Paul Shannon Jr

2nd Net 57 Steve Napoli, Peter O’Neill Jr, Pat Emery, John O’Neill

1st Net 56 Jim Fitsimmons, Bruce MacKenzie, Bob Welsh, Michael Gore

1st Gross 62 Chris O’Neill, Bill Gagnon, Kevin Nelson, Guy Asadorian

50/50 winner was Ron Lariviere

The Jim Tanner Caddy Classic had 112 players and expects to raise $8,000 for the Jim Tanner Scholarship which is administered by the Burk Fund www.burkefund.org

At the luncheon following the tournament, the Pawtucket Country Club Board of Directors announced that the club championship would be named: “The Norm Lutz Club Championship” from this point forward.  Norm won 19 club championships over 5 decades at Pawtucket CC.