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Jim Tanner honored by National Caddie organization

02-05-2010  Pawtucket Times


Contributing Writer

ORLANDO, Fla. — Jim Tanner’s induction into the Professional Caddie Association Hall of Fame on Saturday was a great success.“JT” had 25 of his best golfing friends in attendance.  An RV with 7 friends from West Palm Beach drove up to Orlando. 
Jim Noonan and his wife drove down from St. Augustine. Bill Tansey and his wife flew in from New Hampshire.  Steve Napoli and Stan Abrams were at the nearby PGA Merchandise show, as was Joanne Walker.
Jim Tanner has provided his services to Pawtucket Country Club for over 62 years.  In 2009, the Burke Scholarship established “The Jim Tanner Caddy Scholarship” with an initial $10,000 raised in the golf tournament that bares his name:  www.jimtannercaddyclassic.com
Jim’s presentation was wonderful and concluded with a standing ovation.  JT started his presentation remembering his first loop at 10 years old.  He sat on the bench waiting for the call from the Caddy Master.  He was hungry and thirsty on a late August day, but had no money. 
Jim decided to ask if he could charge the 15 cents for a soda and some crackers.  The Caddy Master agreed. As JT satisfied his thirst, he thought that he would be the last picked with a dozen experienced caddies in line before him.
JT got the next bag.  The Caddy Master came out on the back porch, pointed to Jim and said “Tanner.”  As Jim walked down the first fairway, he thought the guy wants his money back.  That lesson was re-learned several times that summer.
Others inducted were Dr. William J. Powell, Harvey Penick, and Gorgeous George Lucas.  Some former inductees included Fluff Cowan (Jim Furyk’s caddie), Bruce Edwards (Tom Watson’s late caddie), and Gene Sarazen.